“2 Chairs” in Review


Ok let me set this up…

I was in the airport heading to Mexico.  I stopped at the first little bodega after TSA to buy a bottle of water…just a bottle of water.  Before I left my home I told myself I would not buy anything or spend any extra money on anything during this trip.  I am just going to eat and enjoy myself.  But this little bodega had books on top of books on top of books and if you know me like you need to know me, you know that I love a good book.  So I started browsing through the books, I haven’t even gotten to the water yet.  This one book 2 Chairs caught my eye, there is nothing fancy about the cover, no bells and whistles to it … just red, white and black – Nothing fancy.

Look above you see it…nothing fancy.  I started reading the praises on the back cover of the book and decided to buy it.  I find my water and get to the register and as the lady is ringing me up I am still questioning my purchase of the book but I go with it.  I get to the gate, in between small talk with those around me I start to read the book.

This book is AHMAZING (no typo, say it with the little catch in your throat) and has made such an impact on my life in this short period of time.  I have been struggling understanding prayer and everyone that I talk to about it has their own versions of how it should be done and none of them are the same.  Needless to say I had way too many opinions of prayer rattling around in my head.  But Mr. Bob made it all so clear and simple for me.  This book has been an absolute game changer in my prayer life.  The best thing about this book is that he ask 3 simple questions:

1. Does God know your situation?
2. Is it too hard for Him to handle?
3. Does He have a good plan for you?

I am sure that you all know the answers to these questions…if not get in touch with me ASAP or just buy the book and read it.  Mr. Bob gives you simple instructions, simple everyday examples of how 2 Chairs works.  He doesn’t give examples of off the wall, outrageous situations where God spoke to someone about something that would probably never happen to you.  But  examples that we all can relate to and again if you know me like you need to know me you know I like simple.  He gives instruction to set up a place for you to meet with God … 2 Chairs … one seat for you and one for him and there is a balance of conversation. You are able to talk to Him about anything but you have to be willing to listen and hear from Him as well.  For so long I was missing that step, I would pray, pray, pray but I wasn’t listening at all.  But now that I am doing both wow 😯 I feel like my eyes have been opened even more.  These days my car has been my favorite place to pray so I asked God to meet me there every day for our 2 Chairs time.  I don’t put anything in the passenger seat and I just get in and say “Hey God” what are we talking about today.

Fast forward to Mexico, my first morning there I was sitting on the balcony writing in my journal and there were two chairs out there and I asked God for direction with this blog and the content that I was suppose to write and boy oh boy did the flood gates open.  I glanced over at the other chair and said “God I know that you are sitting there”.  For a while now I have been in a block with nothing creative flowing through me but He gave me some good stuff.

I am reviewing my first book on Simply My Purpose because 2 Chairs has completely changed my prayer life and it seems so much easier and more consistent.  I enjoy the time so much.  2 Chairs has been a major blessing in my life.  Before I was halfway through reading the book I was recommending the book to my friends lol… I would tell them to get the book and sent them a picture of the book so they wouldn’t have any trouble looking for it.  But I recommend this book to anyone who is looking to get deeper with God and build a stronger relationship with Him.  Mr. Bob didn’t ask me to write this, I am not even on his radar but this book will forever be a staple in my collection.  I will be reading it again really soon because I am sure that I missed some good gems the first time around.

Because of the season that I am in, one really good gem that has stuck with me from this book because of the season that I am in is ” Praying is something we do in our time, answers come in God’s time.” (Now that’s a WORD)  I have definitely been putting the full court press on God to let me know what is going on and what is coming my way but He has been cool and giving me little pieces.  But I think this book definitely put me in a place to be ready for a string of events that happened over the weekend that now have me in a quiet reflective space.   I feel different good.  That is the best way to describe it.  There is no complicated explanation for how this book influenced everything that has happened but all I can say is life has been”different good”.  I am forever grateful for this very simple book catching my attention and turning my life around within 2 weeks.

Go by and purchase this book it will definitely change your life and your time spent with God.

Happy Reading everyone!!!!


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