My deepest apologies for letting this part of my website slip.  It actually the most important part of the blog to me.  Where would we be with out a relationship and life line to God?  Prayer is that life line and although I make sure that I pray everyday I haven’t been making sure that I am taking this to the next level.  I will be doing better and next week the weekly prayer will be back and on a regular basis.  So again if you have prayer request please email them to me and I will be more than happy to pray for you.


Hope to hear from you soon!!!



Words of Purpose

Words of Purpose

So when I starting this career path of life coaching I told some people and I got some looks of like WTH and a couple of laughs.  I had a period of doubting my next move and kind of slacked off from moving forward.  However, after many conversations with God and confirmation a couple of times.  I am a rebellious person and God sometimes has to tell me more than a couple of times to do something so yeah there was a lot of that going on.  But I finally bit the bullet and moved forward in what people are looking at me sideways about and as nervous as I am about this major step I can say that I am just as excited because I know that this is the step that I needed to take in my life to be fulfilled and be of service to others.  I welcome the laughs and the side looks and the WTH comments going forward because I am sure in this next phase of life.  So what dreams do you have that people around you may not understand?  Comment below.