HE Shut Me Down

Not really a blog post but I wanted to share with you all the way that God shut me down in my head the other day.  If you are anything like me you are an extreme over thinker.  I will analyze something until I have worked that thing a million different ways.  For this year I have set for myself a lot of BIG goals.  I look at them and I am like why did I do this to myself and wonder if I should change them.  So last week I had to make up my mind on a major decision that I had to make ASAP to get the ball rolling on some other things.  (I know that I am being super vague right now but it will all be revealed in due time.)  So as I am thinking God is like go write I have somethings to say to you.  So I take some time to write in my journal.  God says to me I am going to remind you of everything that I have told you in the last two years and I want you to write all down for reference.  So here is what He said to me.

“You have fasted & prayed & fasted & prayed some more.  I have sent my prophet (my Pastor) to speak over your life and give you direction from me.  I have whispered in your ear countless times.  I have given you flashes of what is to come.  I have also given you visions and dreams.  I give you countless confirmation and I have placed so much wisdom around you.  I have recently told you to rest and let me handle it all.  I have proven myself over & over & over again in more ways that one.  Do you still not trust me?  Do you still doubt who I am?  Have I not shown you that I am your keeper, your provider, your savior, your friend, your everything and anything when you need me and when you think you don’t need me.  Have I not kept you, surprised you, sustained you, loved you and forgave you?  Why do you still doubt?  I have everything under control.  I am always working on your behalf.  Rest and let me handle it.  Do as I instruct.”

He shut me all the way down and from that moment forward it has been so much easier for me to make the necessary decisions.  Take some time to reflect on what He has been saying to you and where He has been leading you and GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD.  We miss so many opportunities because we over think and analyze everything instead of trusting our instincts and what we have been given within.  So stop missing the opportunities and start making moves.

Just a little something that helped me so I thought that I would share.

What is God saying to you that you may be overthinking because of your fear or anything that could make you miss His guidance?  Comment and let me know.

Until next time keep it simple while making it extraordinary.


Zony  🙂

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