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Who is Zony?

It all started with a journey and a passion to find my purpose and to encourage others to find theirs. Now I am super passionate about helping you find your purpose.

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Building Community

I am here to grow, build and impact others to live their purpose completely.

Praise Reports

My experience with Zony from Simply My Purpose changed my life. She didn’t make me feel judged the way others have. She respected my feelings for what they were based off where I was in life, BUT she didn’t allow me to stay there. I am grateful for the accountability she was able to provide to me. Without her, I don’t believe I would be as far as I am in life…in ALL areas of my life.

Natasha Oliver:  Health &Wellness Coach:  Phoenix of Hope:  www.phoenixofhopellc.com

Tasha www.phoenixofhopellc.com

I am super excited that I committed the time to go on this journey. I was ready to get out of a stagnant place and with Zony’s service I was able to achieve that. In order to receive the best assistance it takes being open and vulnerable and I have trouble in doing that but I went into this open and Simply My Purpose made it so comfortable to just be myself.  Through this experience I was able to find my FREEDOM and start living bolder in my purpose.  I’m super happy I did it and you will not regret it because it’s life changing!!!

Morgan Hunter: The Closet Lady:  Sytlist: Morgan Says…:   www.morganhunter.me

Morgan www.morganhunter.me

From the Blog

HE Shut Me Down

Not really a blog post but I wanted to share with you all the way that God shut me down in my head the other day.  If you are anything like me you are an extreme over thinker.  I will analyze something until I have worked that thing a million different ways.  For this year […]


Moments with Him: Whispers

I was leaving the house recently one morning and while I was waiting for my car to warm up I heard a little whisper telling me to take the street way to work. I of course shrugged it off because taking the street way would have me dealing with traffic lights, school traffic and one […]

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