7 Ways I Got My Confidence Back

Ever had a day where you looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the person looking back at you.  Well that day came for me and it was a really painful moment in my life.  I had become a shell of a person moving in routine and it was no ones fault but my own.  But that day I realized that I had become mediocre at best and I remember texting two of my best friends and telling them my realization and I was determined to turn it around.  I sat down with my goals and decided to accomplish them and as I became consistent in my life and doing more of what I wanted to do, mediocre started to fade away.  Life isn’t perfect but it is definitely great and worth living. Here are 7 steps to get you started if you are feeling mediocre in your life.

  1. Exercise on a regular basis, I set a goal to lose 60 lbs at the beginning of 2016.  I made sure that I completed some type of physical exercise everyday except for the weekends unless I had some time.  I started to feel off balance if I missed a day.  It was so refreshing for me.  I am proud to say at the end of 2016 I lost 50 lbs. and I am loving the way that my body is looking.  Your girl is sexy around here.
  2. I started focusing on building my business, Simply My Purpose.  I have always wanted to own my own business and I threw myself into learning it, building it and trying to figure it all out one day at a time.
  3. Prayer, Prayer, Prayer…I looked up one day and I had become this prayer warrior.  I started praying everyday literally all day.  Anytime I started doubting myself I prayed, whenever anxiety would start to creep up I prayed.  I didn’t really need too much of a reason to pray.  It just became the normal and still is.  I kind of love it, it saves me and keeps me right on track daily.
  4. I exercised my faith.  My faith in God because He always brings me through no matter what I have done and no matter how I put Him to the side. He is the real MVP in my life and where my confidence is now.  Also, my faith in myself, I’m super strong and I may have my moments of despair but I always come back better than ever.
  5. I am a super introvert but I made myself reach out to my friends, my mentors, and my family.  Being able to vent to them and get encouragement and just be around positive people has definitely brought my confidence level back up to 100. 
  6. I set a number of goals for 2016 and I accomplished 90% of them.  I was super amazed looking back over my vision board and checking those things off plus some things that I didn’t put on my board.  So just knowing that you can set goals and you actually accomplish them is a major confidence booster.
  7. I really have taken the time to get to know myself.  One of my major prayers is “God show me, me as you see me and help me to grow in all areas to be a better me daily.  But God really show me who I am and who I am becoming.”  I spend so much time with myself, writing and just getting to know me again outside of everyone around me. 

I am completely proud of myself and I am completely in love with myself.  Not in a conceited way at all I just know where I was and where I am now and it truly amazes me everyday.  Let me throw this disclaimer out there, none of these steps were easy at all.  But it took me deciding to not be that shell of a person that I saw in the mirror and become who I am now and who I continue to grow into daily.  She who is me is super amazing and if you are struggling with your confidence just know that YOU ARE TRULY AMAZING AS WELL. 

That is all for now and as always thanks for visiting and reading until next time live simply but make it extraordinary!!!

Write me back and let me know how you keep your confidence at 100 or if you need any help from me to get that level to 100. 

Zony 🙂

The Confidence Within


Having and keeping confidence hasn’t been easy for me throughout my 35 years of life.  I go through spurts but at my age it is time for me to be consistent in my confidence and stop going through spurts.  No one is perfect and I definitely am not however I strive to be daily.  Perfection can be a rabbit hole if you get caught up so what I like to say is that I will be perfect at being human.

I realize that I will never be 100% perfect and at times I won’t have the best smile or thoughts or make the best decisions but I also realize that I am human and things just aren’t going to be all the way on point all of the time.  But I am confident in KNOWING who I am.  To build confidence you have to be able to look in the mirror and see you…really see you.  Embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly of who you are and grow and evolve.  Improve the areas that you aren’t pleased with.  One thing I like to enforce to my clients is that no one should be able to come up to you and tell you about you without you being able to say “I know this already” (it shouldn’t come as a shock) and your reaction should be one of humbleness and/or ask them how they think you should improve in whatever area they are pointing out.

Build your confidence by believing in yourself and getting to know yourself.  An exercise that I like to do is list at least 15 things that I like/love about myself and reflect on those things. I recently did a list and I have them listed below.

  1. My heart
  2. My smile
  3. My character
  4. My genuineness
  5. My body
  6. My creativeness
  7. My integrity
  8. My spirit
  9. My strong will
  10. My personality
  11. My listening ability and attentiveness
  12. My determination
  13. My morals and foundation
  14. My intelligence
  15. My adventurous nature

Doing this list hasn’t always been easy, I mean it starts off easy in the beginning because at first you are listing things that are on the surface like smile, teeth, and hair but when the surface runs out you have to dig a little deeper within to get to the real good stuff like your pure heart, your compassion, your spirit and so on.  Digging for those attributes should make you ask questions before listing them.  Well is my heart pure and what makes it pure, what is compassion and how often do I show it for it be apart of my list and so on with other areas of the list.

Confidence is built and like a lot of things in life it may take a while to build but it will take no time at all to break it down.  So I am asking you to build your confidence.  Ask yourself, “what do I love about me and what can I improve on?” and as you build … GUARD IT.

A prayer that I like to say is “God show me me as you see me, all of me and help me to grow continually”.

Just believe in you and believe that you are great no matter what!!!!

Take a minute and send me some things that you love about yourself and if you are in a place where you can’t think of anything dig deep the good is there within you.  Hope to hear from you soon.