Prepared…Me? Not

Being prepared for the move to Atlanta didn’t really take place like it probably should have but it didn’t stop me from moving to the “BIG” city. I have lived here for 13 years and I’ve realized that it isn’t that big. I knew in middle and high school that I was going to move to Atlanta. I had my mind pretty much made up, living in a small town all of my life just didn’t fit me. The only goal that I set for moving was a date, I knew that I wanted to move on January 1,2005. At the time, I was a bank teller with a bank in my hometown in South Carolina and I wasn’t in the best position there.  I made a lot of mistakes on the job so it put me in a probationary situation and I made one mistake during that period and was forced to resign my position. I went into a moment of “I don’t know”.  I needed a job so that I could pay the one bill that I had at the time and to save for my move to Atlanta.  Luckily I built great relationships with a lot of my customers from the bank along with my co-workers and they really looked out for me. So one of my customers offered me a job which ended up being a great opportunity for me.  I was able to stay within the Finance field, learn some managerial duties and work with one of the major accounting software programs in the world. I was super excited. During this time I realized that this was my shot, my chance to make the move to Atlanta. I called my aunt who lives here and asked if I could move in with her until I found my own place and she said yes “Thank you Jesus”.

My original plan was to move to Atlanta in a year but this pushed the move up by a year.  So on December 31, 2003 I moved to Atlanta with no job and no savings… two huge problems. The company that I was working with at the time in South Carolina was super flexible and allowed me to work for them 3 days out of the week and the rest of the week I spent in Atlanta going to job interviews, temp agencies and learning the city.  After about 3 months I had two job offers and I was floating on cloud 9 because before those job offers came in I was thinking about moving back to SC.  I was tired of driving back and forth between Atlanta and Belton every week and I still had bills that needed to be paid.  But thank God two jobs came through and I took the 9-5, sometimes I look back and ask myself if I should have taken the other job as well but can’t go back and change that now. I am so grateful for the woman that took a chance on me.  She was very cool and she gave me my first glimpse of entrepreneurship.  The puzzle of my life started to take shape with her help.

Since I can remember I have always wanted my own business but never knew what it really looked like. I didn’t grow up around a bunch of entrepreneurs. My great grandfather owned and operated his own barber shop but at that time I was just concerned with being a kid. So on River St. is where it started and I knew for sure that I wanted to have my own business.  Now I’m working, still have no savings and bills are super behind.  However this post is to reflect how I gave no thought to what I didn’t have prior to moving here but moved here with no fear and was willing to do whatever it took to make it.

Preparing didn’t matter to me then I threw caution to the wind and took that leap of faith and trusted that I would be just fine no matter what. Never mind the fact that I really had no real understanding of what responsibility looked like or even felt like.  Before moving to Atlanta I paid a car note and the rest of the money was mine to deal with.  Now I have a car note, rent, gas, food and anything else that I may need or want and although my mom was still willing to help it just wasn’t as easy.

Now in 2017 being prepared looks like a lot of overthinking everything and not accomplishing anything. I’m training myself to not think so much about the steps that I want to take and the goals that I want to accomplish because for every one reason I have to do it I will think of 3 reasons not to do it and those reasons will stop me from moving forward. Throwing caution to the wind, believing in my dreams and goals and being prepared but overthinking has to go. Being prepared looks different for everyone. You have to find your level of being prepared and remember that no matter how prepared you may be there will always be something to throw you off just a little bit. That is a test to see how bad you want it. Don’t give up just keep going.

Sometimes you just have to prepare as you go …

One major thing that I have started doing is asking God the question…Is “this” (whatever your this is) what you want me to do?  He will answer you if you really want to know and are ready to listen.

What are some ways that you prepare or move forward with your life?

I hope this post was helpful and that you could relate and until next time live life simply while making it extraordinary.


Zony  🙂

From the Beginning

It was December 31, 2003 and I was saying “See ya later” to my mom.  I was leaving my mom’s home for good to live on my own.  That was the day that I moved to Atlanta.  I wanted to be in Atlanta when the clock struck 12 a.m. on January 1, 2004.  You know the saying “whatever you are doing when the new year comes in is what you will be doing the rest of the year” and I wanted to be in Atlanta for the rest of the year.  I had a plan almost.  I didn’t have a job yet but this is when I was more carefree and didn’t have any major bills and when being an adult wasn’t that important to me.  Let’s be clear I have never wanted to be an adult.  Some things about it looked fun but most things about it never appealed to me so I have never been here for it.  Since the 9th grade I have always wanted to live in Atlanta, “The City”, is what I would always say.  I never dreamed of leaving near home or anywhere else.  I used to spend time down here during the summers with my Aunt and I fell in love.  Atlanta is the city that there is so much going on but you don’t have to be a part of it all.  I am a homebody for the most part but the fact that I can go somewhere at any given time has always appealed to me.  The city doesn’t completely shut down.  I wish the pictures that I have posted had dates on them but this is just a glimpse of how I set my goals and made them happen.

I moved to Atlanta and knew NOTHING about being an adult.  I had to learn sort of quick but I am still learning every day.  I have been in Atlanta trying to find my way for so many years and I have finally found myself although it will be a process that evolves for the rest of my life.  I left my mom’s home with no idea of who I was as a woman or who I was destined to become.  I had an idea of what I wanted to do but not who I wanted to be.  I just knew that I didn’t want to live in the country for the rest of my life.  I wanted to be a city girl with a country heart and background.  I quickly started to learn what I didn’t like about being an adult and I don’t care to count the many times that I wanted to and threatened myself to move back home to my mom.  But I am a pretty stubborn lady and I have been determined to make it happen for myself down here and it hasn’t changed.  Set back after set back has come but progress has always been made and every time I think it is time to give up God shows me just why it isn’t time for me to quit.  I have always been in a transition.  I used to ask the question most of you are asking now “what is my purpose on this earth?”.  It finally set in that I am here to help others move through the transitions of life and live their purpose in the best way possible. This didn’t finally click completely until this year.   I had the idea a couple of years ago and of course started putting the plan into action last year but it wasn’t until a couple of months ago that it finally became super real and clear to me.  God has a funny way of saying be still and see what I am trying to show you.

I have always been the one who wants to learn my lessons through others.  I don’t like for experience to be my teacher but I will learn from others experiences all day long.  But I had to sit down and really think about everything that I have been through since I have started this journey of becoming an adult and God said it is time for you to share.   So this is the beginning of me becoming more open with you guys and taking you back to the beginning of my journey in Atlanta and becoming an adult.  This will show you why I am qualified to help you on your path to setting goals and living your greatest purpose in life.  I hope that you will stick around and relive this ride with me as I look back at my journal entries and walk back through my journey.

Until next time live life simply while making it extraordinary.



642 Characters 

In a perfect world …
We would all wear smiles, genuine smiles

We would all help each other no matter what

There would be no broken hearts

There would be no outsiders

There would be understanding and wisdom flowing

There would be no regrets

There would be acknowledgement of God at all times

Eve would have never eaten the apple and convinced Adam to as well

We would be free of sin and anguish

We would have everything that we needed and wanted

There would be no debt

There would be no shortage of love

There would be no wars

There would be no shortage of resources and givers

There would be no drama and mess

In a perfect world…

Prayer Warrior: Who ME?

When did I become a praying person but wait when did I become a prayer warrior?  I woke up one day and was like when did I start praying for everything, all of the time.  I caught it one day when I was doing a live video on Facebook for an outreach event that me and my best friend started doing 2 years ago.  I was doing the video and I was thanking those that had already donated to the cause and I said “Thank you, In Jesus name, Amen”.  I got so tickled at myself.  I was like where did this girl come from. But I have become that prayer lady and I am actually like super excited about it.  Praying has become such a part of me.  I wake up praying, I pray for people that my flesh would really like to punch in the face, I pray for people that I don’t know, I just pray, literally for everything.  But then there was that one day that I didn’t want to pray and this next question slapped me in the face on that very same day.  Keep reading…

So one day I was asked if I get tired of praying for others and my stuff all of the time???  The question threw me but I’m glad that it was a text message and not a face to face question (if you know me you know that my face talks more than the words that come out of my mouth) because it felt like an in my face type of question.  I had a serious gut check when I read that question.  My completely honest, without any tact answer started to come because remember I said I didn’t want to pray that day but I took a second and asked God to please give me an answer and the answer given was “I just do what I am led to do”.  Seems cliché but it is totally the truth.  I pray as I am led to pray.  It was the realest answer for myself because that is literally how my prayer life happened.  I am really not sure what she wanted to hear but that is one of those questions where I wasn’t going to do any follow up or explanation.  I left it at that and I knew that there needed to be no follow up when no follow up questions came (look at God, He knew I wasn’t ready).


Truth be told I do get in my feelings when I see other people’s prayers being answered, things that they have asked me to pray for getting answered but it doesn’t stop me from praying for them or for me.  One of my friends told me that I have a direct line to God because they received confirmation.  Some days I don’t know about that direct line because I don’t feel like He is answering my prayers.  One of my favorite business women Myleik said something recently that made me stop and think…”Feelings aren’t Facts”.  Just because I don’t feel like He isn’t answering my prayers doesn’t mean that He isn’t answering them.  Some days I still push back and try not to pray but I always get reminded that me not praying is hurting me more than it is hurting God.   Prayer is a necessity like water you have to have it in your life in order to sustain yourself.  It builds relationship with God and that is the most important relationship that you could have in your life.

So when did I become this prayer warrior?  When I really understood that this life I’m living is bigger than me.  That what I go through isn’t for me but for the people that I am called to help.  That this life is to be an example to others.  When I fully understood that, I started to pray so much more purposefully because I knew that He had to be 100% in the mix.  I can’t do this thing by myself.  I don’t mind being a prayer warrior and believe you me I still have my days of push back and I don’t want to pray but I will eventually give in and get the prayer out.  His will is bigger than mine so I have to be obedient to His will and Word.

This post is probably one of the hardest pieces that I have written.  I couldn’t find a balance between being transparent without being too transparent.  I am in a weird place with prayer right now and I know that it is a stretching and patient season for me.  So my prayer is that you will see my heart in this post and understand that PRAYER is totally where its at and you definitely need to develop a prayer life if you haven’t already.  Don’t know where to start just start with the Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6 and moving from there just ask the Holy Spirit to guide your words and thoughts and you will be amazed at how it will start to flow out of you.

I hope this helps some one.  If you need prayer send me an email or call me.  If you want more of these types of posts let me know also.  Leave a comment lets talk…

Until next time, live simply while making it extraordinary.

Zony 🙂


Remain in God
Remain in Jesus
Remain in the Holy Spirit

Remain was a theme of a Bible study that I was doing and although I have been a little slack in getting it completed. It has been a subtle theme around me lately yet a strong reminder that when I start to lose faith and start to doubt myself and what I am purposed to do I have to remain focused, remain determined, remain productive and remain myself.  I have definitely lost myself a couple of times during my life time but I have become very wise in my growing up.  Again growing up sucks but in order to become better you have to grow up.  In order to walk in your purpose you have to grow up.  I am learning this whole responsibility concept on another level (lets be clear I have always been pretty responsible but I have never liked it).  I honestly just want to disappear into a dream most days because it is so much easier there.  But the Bible study has shown me a different way.  Too often we give up and giving up most times only sets us back and prolongs us from getting to our destination.  The road gets rough and tough.  The road gets exhausting.  The road gets dim but you have to remain in Jesus to maintain yourself.  So stay encouraged while walking in your purpose or whatever direction you are trying to move forward in.  Tough times come but they don’t last.  Remain true to you and what you believe in while going through.

Until next time live simply while making it extraordinary.

Zony 🙂