Leadership Luncheon with Russell Simmons

I was afforded the opportunity to attend an African American Partnership leadership luncheon with Russell Simmons hosted by United Way Greater Atlanta.  The email came to me for my boss so I asked him if he wanted to go and he said that his plate was pretty full but of course I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to volunteer myself to attend in his place. I usually would just ignore emails like this and just go on about my day but I was super excited about my boss saying agreeing to me attending. I paid for that luncheon super quick. I didn’t hesitant at all. So I booked and went on about my day and the rest of the weekend. So Monday comes and I’m trying to get cute for the day, you know look business casual cute, mind you I have no real clothes right now because I refuse to buy clothes while I’m still losing weight, nothing looked right. But I finally got myself together, I was super excited about this luncheon. I kind of new that I wouldn’t personally meet Mr. Simmons but to be in the room and hopefully catch some gems was enough for me.  Need I say he did not disappoint.  This man is like a super successful entrepreneur.  He has started so many businesses and has had major success. So I took some notes during his talk with Jovita Moore, who interviewed him,  and I thought I would share them, after all sharing is caring.  They are in the order the way he spit them out and here they are.  I also made a few of my favorites tweetable so click and share with your followers.

You have to show up.Tweet That
Meditation is a moving prayer.
A quiet mind is the cause of happiness and bliss.
You can’t fail until you quit.
You have to have courage to go forward in the newness. 
Have faith that you are not going to starve.
Let go of the neediness.
Don’t get caught up in anxiety.
Enjoy the moment don’t reflect so much on your favorite moment because you will miss the current moment.
Have faith and resilience.
People are quitters by nature but you can never fail until you quit. – Tweet That
Be willing to put your head down and forget about results for a minute. – Tweet That (entrepreneurship)
Your belief system should line up with what you want out of life.
Give without expectation.
If you want to be happy you have to give people what you want for yourself.
Tweet That
Always operate in self-discovery – know yourself.

One thing that I’ve promised myself that I won’t do any longer is miss out on opportunities because of fear or doubt or just plain laziness. If I ask and they say no well at least I asked and I will probably find another way to do it. My Pastor said on Sunday that we have to get into position to receive our blessings and I plan to be in position and prepared for what is coming my way. I hope that you are taking advantage of every opportunity that is coming your way and if you aren’t START.  This luncheon was so amazing and I am super grateful that I was able to attend.  We also received his book “Success Through Stillness” so be on the lookout for that to be my next book review.

Take advantage of everything that comes your way.  You never know when you will be in the right position to get your big blessing.  Lets talk … let me know which point resonated with you or if you have any advice to add to the list.  What do you plan to start doing to take charge of your life and the position that you want to be in?

Until next time, live simply while making it extraordinary.

Zony 🙂