Get To Know ME

20 Quick Facts About Zony

Taking a step back… I know that I introduced myself in the About Me page and gave you a little snippet in my first blog post “My New Thing” but I thought let me give the people a little more.  So I did this little exercise awhile back but I have since updated it.  So here are 20 quick facts about me in no particular order.

  • My dreams scare me to the point that sometimes I want to stay complacent where I am.
  • I love fresh flowers.
  • I love that I grew up with brothers. I don’t ever remember wishing for sisters but I am grateful for the ladies in my life that I can call sisters.
  • I don’t want to be famous but I want to work with famous people.
  • I want a huge successful business that empowers people daily.
  • I want to be a strong role model for my nieces and nephews.
  • I feel like I’m a good friend however I’m still growing in areas.
  • I love attention but I only want it from certain people.
  • I loved to be spoiled and I am quite spoiled.  Thanks Mom!!!!
  • I want to be the greatest at everything that I put my hands on.
  • I want a huge house on a hill away from the rest of the world.
  • I would rather be home with a good book and my journal than to be out and about in the world.
  • I love to eat candy, cupcakes, and cookies. Sweets …
  • I want to do a really sexy maybe semi nude or nude photo shoot one day.
  • I want to learn how to play an instrument.
  • I want to take cooking classes.
  • I am super mushy and soft but I put a very huge tough front.
  • I really want my family to be like the Brady Bunch and be super close.
  • I honestly don’t need a lot to be happy but I want to be happy.
  • By any means necessary I want my life to reflect hard work, dedication, love, peace, balance, success and all things positive especially God.

I hope this gives you a little peak into who I am and I will do more of these little exercises so that we all can get to know each other and become a big happy family.

What are some quick facts about you that no one knows?  Comment below and let me know.

Talk to you soon,