Focus On

I had no idea of what to write about this week so I am literally sitting here writing this post on the very morning that it is due to hit your mailbox.  I haven’t had any creative spurts lately and when I sat down to write for this week nothing was flowing not to mention how exhausted I am from being so focused.  I have post on standby but nothing seemed right to post today.  After such a great response to my post last week “Change Happens” I was like I really need something to follow up that progress of change.  I can’t break this momentum.  So I was stuck needless to say. 

However, I woke up this morning like FOCUS. Now I’ve been going over my notes from church service on Sunday where the topic of the message was “Focus”.  It was such an amazing message and the topic flows right along with last weeks post.  So with change there has to be focus now don’t let this little 5 letter word fool you.  It requires a lot from you.

It takes discipline to focus.
It takes preparation to focus.
It takes obedience to focus.
It takes love to focus.
It takes determination to focus.
It takes forgiveness to focus.
It takes letting go to focus.
It takes faith to focus.

On May 6, 2017, I woke up and was like I want “this” more than I don’t want “this”.  By “this” I mean the life that I have been purposed to live, the life that I have dreamed about living, basically the life that I want for myself and the legacy that I want to leave for my family.  Now I don’t know what happened the the week before that got me to this point but I woke up determined.  My “WHY” in life is greater than me.  My Purpose and the life that I want has become the driving force for me.  I have a lot to prove to myself.  I used to be so mad at people for letting me down but truth be told I was really mad at myself for letting me down and that stopped on May 6th. 

So on that morning I got out of bed and just started.  I honestly had no real plan but I knew I had to take steps and meaningful steps to fuel my purpose, my passion, and my vision.  I realized that no matter what I had going on around me that my focus had to be greater than the distractions.  My focus has to look past my past.  My focus has to look past the present situation.  My focus has to be greater than my excuses and the why I shouldn’t do this or want this.  My focus has to be greater than the fear that has stopped me so many other times.  My focus has to be over 100% at this point in my journey because I want the life that I want too much to let it be anything else.

I was having a honest conversation with my mom last night and I was feeling so discouraged because what I see isn’t matching up to what I want or the vision that I have been given.  I was on the verge of losing my focus and giving up and settling for those things that are right in front of me that would be easy for me to just grab right now and make the best out of it.  But she reminded me that giving up is not an option and settling is not an option.  I’ve had a taste of the life that I want in so many areas and just because it isn’t like that now I know that with my focus, my drive, my determination, my mindset change and with God it is all coming back together better than ever.  The pastor said on Sunday that you can’t let your history keep you from your future.  You have to push past your history.  Yes my past seems to be very present in my life right now but it isn’t and I have to see past that.  My question to you today is … Where is your focus? 

I challenge you today (I am all about a good challenge these days) to evaluate your focus today and decide how bad do you want “IT”.  What are you willing to do to make those things happen in your life?  What are you focused on that could keep you from living and moving in your purpose and accomplishing your goals and dreams?  I see a super amazing future ahead of us all and we just have to be focused enough and believe that we can accomplish it all.

How can I help?  We all need a coach… my mom was my coach this week.  Comment below and let me know what you are focused on and if you need any help or encouragement I am here.

Let’s CHAT!!!!

Until next time, live simply while making it extraordinary.

Zony 🙂

August Is Gone

It’s the last day of August and I was thinking about all that has happened this month and it kind of feels like I got nothing accomplished however I am sure that I did. I know one of my main focuses this month was to get some major bills or things paid off and yea Lord I had to pay out a lot of money this month ugh operation re-up is in full effect lol. September I will be working on these streams of income in a major way. But I am blessed that I was able to get those things paid without a major hit to anything. 

 As far as Simply My Purpose, I feel like I’m scrambling to put posts together for the month because I haven’t had any time to do anything. This month was super busy and I lost focus. I will be regaining that focus back as of right now though. So the focus will be real and intentional in September and for the rest of the year. 

August was about me being faithful with everything and exercising my faith in all areas of my life. Well you know I’m human so I’m still trying to figure some areas out but I am definitely still praying about these things and getting it together … It was actually a blessing because as I’ve said before I named my months and everything that I’ve dealt with this month has lead to me depending on my faith and trusting more than ever. It just amazes me how everything falls into place. I know I’ve said it before and I will definitely say it again but God is super dope and I wouldn’t trade Him for anything in this world. 
August was a great and busy month. Oh one major highlight of the month is dedicated to one of my best friends. She’s married now… Tasha of finally got married. I always told her she would get married before me even though she was adamant about not ever getting married. Look at God… Want He do it!!! Lol just for her. 

I think that is all for now, I’m looking forward to diving into September and making things happen. Only 4 more months to knock down these doors, accomplish these goals, and get ready for 2017. I’m still believing for some miracles and doors to open and my faith is building more and more everyday. I hope that you all had a wonderful August. Write back and let me know how your month went. 


Words of Purpose

Words of Purpose

So I have a couple of people in my circle who are really grinding it out and are making it happen.  They have really inspired me to continue doing what I am doing.  One thing that I don’t do is try to “hate” on them or tear them down.  I want to see us all win and succeed in accomplishing our goals and dreams. There is enough room in this world for us all to be successful and live the life that we want to and all we have to do is put our best foot forward.  Let’s all win…no need to hate on the next person they are in their lane winning so stay in your lane and win.  Focus and Win!!!!!!