Prayer Warrior: Who ME?

When did I become a praying person but wait when did I become a prayer warrior?  I woke up one day and was like when did I start praying for everything, all of the time.  I caught it one day when I was doing a live video on Facebook for an outreach event that me and my best friend started doing 2 years ago.  I was doing the video and I was thanking those that had already donated to the cause and I said “Thank you, In Jesus name, Amen”.  I got so tickled at myself.  I was like where did this girl come from. But I have become that prayer lady and I am actually like super excited about it.  Praying has become such a part of me.  I wake up praying, I pray for people that my flesh would really like to punch in the face, I pray for people that I don’t know, I just pray, literally for everything.  But then there was that one day that I didn’t want to pray and this next question slapped me in the face on that very same day.  Keep reading…

So one day I was asked if I get tired of praying for others and my stuff all of the time???  The question threw me but I’m glad that it was a text message and not a face to face question (if you know me you know that my face talks more than the words that come out of my mouth) because it felt like an in my face type of question.  I had a serious gut check when I read that question.  My completely honest, without any tact answer started to come because remember I said I didn’t want to pray that day but I took a second and asked God to please give me an answer and the answer given was “I just do what I am led to do”.  Seems cliché but it is totally the truth.  I pray as I am led to pray.  It was the realest answer for myself because that is literally how my prayer life happened.  I am really not sure what she wanted to hear but that is one of those questions where I wasn’t going to do any follow up or explanation.  I left it at that and I knew that there needed to be no follow up when no follow up questions came (look at God, He knew I wasn’t ready).


Truth be told I do get in my feelings when I see other people’s prayers being answered, things that they have asked me to pray for getting answered but it doesn’t stop me from praying for them or for me.  One of my friends told me that I have a direct line to God because they received confirmation.  Some days I don’t know about that direct line because I don’t feel like He is answering my prayers.  One of my favorite business women Myleik said something recently that made me stop and think…”Feelings aren’t Facts”.  Just because I don’t feel like He isn’t answering my prayers doesn’t mean that He isn’t answering them.  Some days I still push back and try not to pray but I always get reminded that me not praying is hurting me more than it is hurting God.   Prayer is a necessity like water you have to have it in your life in order to sustain yourself.  It builds relationship with God and that is the most important relationship that you could have in your life.

So when did I become this prayer warrior?  When I really understood that this life I’m living is bigger than me.  That what I go through isn’t for me but for the people that I am called to help.  That this life is to be an example to others.  When I fully understood that, I started to pray so much more purposefully because I knew that He had to be 100% in the mix.  I can’t do this thing by myself.  I don’t mind being a prayer warrior and believe you me I still have my days of push back and I don’t want to pray but I will eventually give in and get the prayer out.  His will is bigger than mine so I have to be obedient to His will and Word.

This post is probably one of the hardest pieces that I have written.  I couldn’t find a balance between being transparent without being too transparent.  I am in a weird place with prayer right now and I know that it is a stretching and patient season for me.  So my prayer is that you will see my heart in this post and understand that PRAYER is totally where its at and you definitely need to develop a prayer life if you haven’t already.  Don’t know where to start just start with the Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6 and moving from there just ask the Holy Spirit to guide your words and thoughts and you will be amazed at how it will start to flow out of you.

I hope this helps some one.  If you need prayer send me an email or call me.  If you want more of these types of posts let me know also.  Leave a comment lets talk…

Until next time, live simply while making it extraordinary.

Zony 🙂

What About Your Friends

Well HELLO!!!!

It has always been so hard for me to make friends and yep it’s my fault but to my defense I am socially awkward.  I don’t like large groups of people and I am a super quiet person until I am really comfortable (I don’t know ya’ll like that for real for real lol).  I don’t really approach strangers.  You know the saying “That person never meets a stranger,” well I am that person where everyone is a stranger to me.  When the saying “No New Friends” came out I was definitely okay with that phrase.  However, it just so happened as I was riding around recently, I thought about how my friends really pulled me through last year and I really like having a group of people that I can count on and just be myself with. This reflection was sparked by the recent passing of my grandfather.

It has always been easy for me to walk away from friendships when I knew they weren’t right for me.  I think that I get this from my parents because I have never really seen them hang out with friends.  It has always been their siblings and you can’t really walk away from family but friends…Honey!,  I would be like nope this ain’t right and I am not with it.  But the passing of my dear granddaddy allowed me to see a different perspective.  So I wasn’t really calling anyone about my grandfather’s death so I did what we do now a days and posted a picture of him and a quick little sentence on Facebook, nothing lengthy at all…see screenshot below.  But Facebook is tricky… it says I have sooo many friends (814 to be exact 😕 ) but not even a handful of those “friends” really know me.  Remember on Facebook people only give you what they want you to see and in my case I have been very quiet about my life lately and only trying to spread positivity and build a business.   I received so many comments on the post (73 to be exact) … please know that I appreciate everyone who sent a comment and took time to say something to me.

Mr. Evans…He hated social media…I hear him now saying “Don’t you put me on that internet” lol

The passing of my grandfather had me in a weird place.  At first I wanted to be mad at God for taking him but I  just saw him on Thanksgiving and saw that he was ready to go (Ready to leave me though?? how dare he).  I thought that I had made peace with the fact that he would be transitioning soon but of course it hit me like a ton of bricks and has really opened my eyes to my friendships and relationships.  My granddaddy was the apple of my eye.  I could really go and talk to him about anything and he would give it to me real and raw with no chaser at all.  I am however now thinking about friendships and relationships and especially those relationships where you can be yourself no matter what are needed.  No man is or should be an island.  Not that my friends have to prove themselves to me because they definitely DO NOT, I know who is true and genuine, but this situation gave me a new appreciation for them.  Knowing that I can count on them no matter what even when I’m snapping because my last grandparent is gone and they are still there for me. Even when this situation just sent me into another whirlwind after I just kind of caught my breath from the last whirlwind that happened in 2016.  Through it all, my friendships have shown me what love and loyalty really means.

Be the friend that you want in your own life.  I haven’t always been that person but I think that I have truly grown up to really recognize and understand true friendship. It truly is a beautiful thing.  Some friendships aren’t meant to last and you have to be in a place where you recognize that and are okay with it. You know the saying REASON, SEASON, LIFETIME… I am grateful for them all but those LIFETIMES I am truly grateful for.  I think having a firm foundation with friends before moving to Atlanta made it easy for me to dismiss making friends in Atlanta because I’ve always known that my friends in South Carolina are lifetime friends and I could just drive 2 hours to see and spend time with them.  But as I have gotten older I realize that I need and want more friendships and relationships.  I don’t really want to be that awkward silent girl in the big group but I am still ok with being her (nothing gets past me, I see everything, get a friend like me lol) but for real, we all need an outlet and someone to lean on.  So don’t sit by yourself at the table all of the time.  Go say “HEY” to the other person sitting at the table across the room by themselves.  This year I plan to build more friendships and relationships so if I am texting or calling you too much (no I don’t want to borrow no money or need a favor) just tell me to chill out but I am making an honest effort at being a better friend no matter what.

So this year take time to rekindle friendships, rebuild friendships or just build new friendships.  Don’t wait on the other person to call you or send a quick text “Just saying hello”, your phone is working just fine go ahead and press “SEND”.  Create moments where friends ultimately become family I promise you that you will not regret it.  Go for it; people just want to be loved and genuinely loving someone you can never go wrong.  Alright enough reading get to calling, texting, emailing, inboxing, and popping up (call first call first call first lol)

What kind of friend are you and what kind of friend do you want to be?  Do you even have friends … lets connect?

Well that is all for now, leave me a comment lets chit chat but until then as always thanks for visiting and reading and until next time live simply but make it extraordinary!!!!!

Zony  🙂