Words of Purpose


When you think that you have hit a brick wall that is when your faith should kick in in full strength,  God is watching your every move and is ready to help you conquer whatever you are going after.  So don’t give up when you don’t see another way know that God is preparing and working it out.  Keep pushing and stay faithful in your walk.

Words of Purpose


I was talking to one of my best friends this past week and I was telling her that I have no clue what my comfort zone is anymore.  God has stirred all of them completely out of me.  I am not comfortable with anything going on in my life and it isn’t a bad thing it’s a growth and a faith thing.  Right now I am trusting in Him to do whatever He is going to do and I am always on my toes waiting for the next thing whatever it is.  Be prepared to be stretched and used for the season you are in may not be where you want to be but it is where you need to be for the next season of your life.

Don’t Lose Faith In Life

Don't Lose Faith In Life

The heaviness of life will sometimes push you into a place of hopelessness.  It will have you loose faith in all things that you know to be true.  It will have you in a place where you don’t trust anyone or anything.  Life is meant to test you but not meant to put you in a place of isolation or despair.   It is meant to grow you, to test your faith, to build you up in areas you are weak in.  It is meant to keep you moving because if you stop, you may get stuck and if you get stuck that may bring on another set of problems.  Living life is the only way to get through life and the tests to come.  A couple of ways that I have learned to get through the heaviness of life are…

  • Prayer…Prayer…Prayer…  I cannot stress this enough.  Prayer is now my first choice in any type of test, trial and tribulation even when I am just happy I pray.  I pray long and often.  I pray to the point where sometimes I say “God I’m back again.”  I take this prayer thing serious.  No games played when it comes to me praying and I pray about EVERYTHING!!!
  • Scripture…I write scripture.  Whatever I am feeling at the moment I search it in my Bible app and I read and write the scriptures that are given and that I relate to.  This has had an amazing affect on changing my mood and helping me get through.  Reading is great but writing them down reinforces them for me. One of my favorite scriptures is Proverbs 3:5-6 – “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”
  • I reach out to those that will encourage me.  They will let me vent and allow me to be human and then speak life into me.  Words of encouragement reminders of where I have been and grown to where I am not.  Keep positive people around you.
  • Walk and Exercise… The goal that I set for myself at the beginning of the year to lose 60 pounds has been a life saver.  Walking has provided time for me to get out and free and clear my mind.  I usually listen to music while walking but being able to just get out in the fresh air and just be by myself brings me to a peaceful place and tunes me back up.
  • I remember my “WHY”… My why for life, why am I here, why do I have this purpose and “WHY” brings me back to hope, to faith, to love, and to positivity.

Don’t lose faith in life.  Don’t let the trials and tribulations bring you down.  Life is going to happen that is one thing that you can count on but it is how you move through that counts.  I haven’t been proud of all of my move through moments but I am glad that I kept moving. 

Keep moving your story doesn’t end here.

Words of Purpose

Words of Purpose

When I read this I heard the tune “Do a little dance, Make a little love, Get down tonight…” But realizing that life is a delicate balance of making your life what you want it to be and represent.  You have to know when to move and when to be still and there is a time for both.  Walking that fine line of I need to do this but I need to let this just fall into place can get a little stressful and once you think you have mastered that rhythm a new tune starts to play.  Enjoy the dance and stay in step with the life that you want for yourself.

Words of Purpose

words of purpose

Ever want to go back and change somethings about your youth, no regrets but just some tweaks well guess what you can’t go back but you can start right now.  Start right now and be that person that you needed someone to be for you as you were growing up.  You need you but there is someone else out there that needs you as well.  Be that person don’t ever think that it is too late.