Remain in God
Remain in Jesus
Remain in the Holy Spirit

Remain was a theme of a Bible study that I was doing and although I have been a little slack in getting it completed. It has been a subtle theme around me lately yet a strong reminder that when I start to lose faith and start to doubt myself and what I am purposed to do I have to remain focused, remain determined, remain productive and remain myself.  I have definitely lost myself a couple of times during my life time but I have become very wise in my growing up.  Again growing up sucks but in order to become better you have to grow up.  In order to walk in your purpose you have to grow up.  I am learning this whole responsibility concept on another level (lets be clear I have always been pretty responsible but I have never liked it).  I honestly just want to disappear into a dream most days because it is so much easier there.  But the Bible study has shown me a different way.  Too often we give up and giving up most times only sets us back and prolongs us from getting to our destination.  The road gets rough and tough.  The road gets exhausting.  The road gets dim but you have to remain in Jesus to maintain yourself.  So stay encouraged while walking in your purpose or whatever direction you are trying to move forward in.  Tough times come but they don’t last.  Remain true to you and what you believe in while going through.

Until next time live simply while making it extraordinary.

Zony 🙂

Purpose Talk

WP Oct10

I say it all of the time but I’ll say it again … There is a process to your progress. You have to go through to get through … Press, Push, Pursue. Keep going … Nothing happens overnight. Enjoy the process and the journey.

Words of Purpose


I don’t know how much more I can stress that patience is the key to getting where you want to go.  Anything worth having and keeping isn’t going to happen over night.  One thing I don’t pray for is patience because I know that it is already going to be tested so why ask for extra test (I am not about that life) but one thing that I am grateful is the amount of patience that I already have.  It is definitely being tested these days but I understand why and I am just praying that I pass.

Words of Purpose


When you think that you have hit a brick wall that is when your faith should kick in in full strength,  God is watching your every move and is ready to help you conquer whatever you are going after.  So don’t give up when you don’t see another way know that God is preparing and working it out.  Keep pushing and stay faithful in your walk.

Words of Purpose


I was talking to one of my best friends this past week and I was telling her that I have no clue what my comfort zone is anymore.  God has stirred all of them completely out of me.  I am not comfortable with anything going on in my life and it isn’t a bad thing it’s a growth and a faith thing.  Right now I am trusting in Him to do whatever He is going to do and I am always on my toes waiting for the next thing whatever it is.  Be prepared to be stretched and used for the season you are in may not be where you want to be but it is where you need to be for the next season of your life.

Words of Purpose


Worry gets you know where.  There is no where to go with worry.  It doesn’t add to your life but it definitely takes away time, attention, focus, and so many other things.  So pray about it and let it go.  I needed this one for myself today.