I Wish This Daydream Would Never End…


Growing up I created a world full of rainbows, candy and unicorns.  I would constantly escape to it to avoid everything going on around me.  Whenever I was bored, lonely, mad, confused, frustrated and well just about any mood I was in I would go into my world where no one else was invited.  I still find myself escaping to this world now.  The thing is this world includes everyone that is in my life and I usually deal with the same situations a lot different than I do in the real world.  My world is so much safer for me.

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I realized why I did this.  In my super younger days my aunt would get me, my cousin and a couple of our friends together to hang out I think now they call them play dates.  But my aunt would always say that she would send us outside to play and I would be somewhere with a book reading my life away.  Books have been my escape all of my life.  I probably should write one.  But a couple of years ago they started labeling my personality type and they say that I am an introvert.  I agree…However, I love people, I am just not pressed to be around them all of the time.  My home is my safe place and I love it there.  I found this meme out in cyber space and it sums it up for me nicely.


I still find myself escaping to my little world every now and then. It’s really safe there for me. I like it in Zony’s world but I’ve turned more to praying these days also and that has made a world of difference in my life lately. 

What do you do you do to escape the stresses of the world?  Can you relate to the introvert personality type?  Comment and let me know



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